Kid Coach

Kid Coach is a partnership between Children’s of Mississippi and the Ole Miss Rebels to honor pediatric patients and celebrate their inspirational stories. This week, our Children’s of Mississippi Kid Coach is Jack Henry Heafner of Batesville.

At only a year old, Jack Henry began having episodes where he would stop breathing, turn blue, and his heart would stop beating. The diagnosis: Jack Henry needed a pacemaker. The team of experts at the Children’s Heart Center, part of Children’s of Mississippi, surgically embedded a pacemaker that would restart Jack Henry’s heart when his blood pressure dropped to a certain rate

Today Jack Henry is a happy, healthy little boy and can do almost anything a normal 5-year-old can do. Hopefully, as Jack Henry gets older, he will outgrow his episodes and no longer need his pacemaker.

Jack Henry loves playing baseball. He also loves to dress up like a ninja and play fight with his big sister Hailey.

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